ISA Board of Directors 2010-2012


The XIIth International Symposium on Amyloidosis was held in Rome from 18-21 april 2010. At this meeting a new Board of Directors of the ISA was elected for the next period. The President Giampaolo Merlini has become Past President and the Vice President Martha Skinner is the new President. Merrill Benson was elected Vice President, Laura Obici was elected Secretary, Angela Dispenzieri was elected Treasurer, and Bouke Hazenberg, Giovanni Palldini, and David Seldin were elected Members at large. The ballot for these members of the new Board was held at the business meeting in Rome on Wednesday April 21. At this business meeting also a proposal for modification and adaptation of the Constitution & Rules and Bylaws was discussed and approved by a two-thirds majority.


Member of the Board

Name City, Country  


Martha Skinner Boston, USA

Vice President and President Elect

Merrill D. Benson Indianapolis, USA


Laura Obici Pavia, Italy


Angela Dispenzieri Rochester, USA Photo of Angela Dispenzieri ., M.D.

Chair of the Nomenclature Committee

Merrill D. Benson Indianapolis, USA

Editor-in-Chief of AMYLOID

Per Westermark

Uppsala, Sweden Per_Westermark.jpg

Representative of the Italian Society

Gina Gregorini Brescia, Italy

Representative of the German Society

Chris Röcken until 2010


Ernst Hund from 2011

Kiel, Germany


Heidelberg, Germany


Immediate Past President

Giampaolo Merlini Pavia, Italy Gaimpaolo_Merlini.jpg

Member at Large

Bouke P.C. Hazenberg Groningen, The Netherlands Bouke_Hazenberg.jpg

Member at Large

Giovanni Palladini Pavia, Italy

Member at Large

David Seldin Boston, USA seldin_david-2-5x3-5