ISA Board of Directors 2006-2010


At the 11th International Symposium on Amyloid and Amyloidosis in Woods Hole in November 2006 the second Board of the International Society of Amyloidosis (2006-2010) was elected.


Member of the Board

Name City, Country  


Giampaolo Merlini Pavia, Italy Gaimpaolo_Merlini.jpg

Vice President and President Elect

Martha Skinner Boston, USA


Bouke P.C. Hazenberg Groningen, The Netherlands Bouke_Hazenberg.jpg


Morie Gertz Rochester, USA

Chair of the Nomenclature Committee

Per Westermark Uppsala, Sweden Per_Westermark.jpg

Editor-in-Chief of AMYLOID

Alan S. Cohen Boston, USA

Representative of the Italian Society

Gina Gregorini Brescia, Italy

Representative of the German Society

Hartmut Schmidt Münster, Germany

Immediate Past President

Robert A. Kyle Rochester, USA

Member at Large

Merrill D. Benson Indianapolis, USA

Member at Large

Robert Kisilevsky Kingston, Canada

Member at Large

Jeffrey Kelly La Jolla, USA Photo of Dr. Jeff Kelly, '82